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  The Lenses (IOLs)
Monofocal & Multifocal IOL's (Lenses)

Once the Cataract is removed, a permanent, artificial lens, called an Intraocular lens or IOL is implanted. There are two types of IOLs available; non-foldable and foldable. Non-foldable IOLs are made of a hard plastic material, are bigger in size and bigger incisions need to be made to insert them. Foldable lenses are made of a soft acrylic material. They can be inserted through very small incisions.


Patients who undergo cataract surgery now have some options for ‘upgrades' for intraocular lenses that have never been available in the past in the eye.

  Foldable Lenses (IOL's)
Now there are different types of foldable IOL's available - MONOFOCAL & MULTIFOCAL
  Monofocal Lenses (IOL's)
Monofocal IOL's are designed to provide patients with enhanced distance vision but typically patients still require the use of glasses for near vision.
A traditional (monofocal) lens implant can fix your vision for one distance only. The implant can not change shape like your original lens. Thus, the patient has no ability to focus in or out and the patient will often be dependent on progressive bifocals for near vision.
  Multifocal Lenses (IOL's)
Multifocal IOL's are designed to provide patients who have a strong desire for greater independence from glasses or contacts with multifunctional vision.
A multifocal intraocular lens has both distance and near focal points. 80% of patients who get these lenses will never need glasses for any activity. Of those 20% of patients who need glasses for certain activities, 95% say that they would still get the bifocal lens because it gives them good vision for most activities at distance or near.
The multifocal or bifocal lens is now available to all patients in our practice. Our doctors place these types of lenses in their patients desiring them and are among very few doctors in Mumbai offering this technology. In the past, patients did not have these choices.